• Selling What You GrowGrowing crops for sustenance and selling the surplus is one of the most ancient ways of making a living.Many people plan to do this when they first set out on their homesteading journey, but most of them are quickly faced with an unfortunate reality.Particularly in states with strong farming and homesteading communities, the markets for meat, milk, and produce are so saturated that it is difficult to make a living by selling these products.The competition is so high that prices are driven down, making the extensive labor and money investment required not worth it.However, this doesn’t necessarily make selling what you grow a pipe dream, as long as you know what’s best to grow!There are a number of high value crops that still provide a possible way to make a living, and breaking into these markets is a feasible way to start bringing money in.MushroomsWho doesn’t love a good mushroom?While creminis are sold by the pound at the grocery store, more unusual varieties of mushroom can fetch a pretty penny at the farmer’s market.People also value local mushrooms, and having grown your mushrooms on site can be a great selling point.However, growing mushrooms specifically to sell presents its own set of concerns to go with the potential benefits.Unlike other crops, mushrooms are relatively simple to grow.You can find accurate guides online to teach you the best possible way to grow different varieties of mushrooms, as well as order starter kits to help you get your mushroom farm off the ground.Oyster mushrooms, which grow in colonies that produce a high yield every six to eight weeks are fantastic for beginners.If you’re an experienced mushroom grower, you could look into rare and exotic mushroom varieties, which sell for much more but require more specialized care.While you can sell mushrooms at a farmer’s market, and laws in states with strong agriculture industries and homesteading communities generally make it easy to do so, this isn’t your only option for selling mushrooms for profit.You could also look into forming a relationship with local restaurants, especially if you are producing a rare or gourmet species of mushroom.Chicks and EggsWhile it’s true that meat and produce are not as lucrative at farmer’s markets as people might expect, chicks and eggs are one exception to this.In this case, we’re not talking about eggs that you’re going to crack into a frying pan in the morning, but fertilized eggs that will hatch.Male chicks will generally be much cheaper than females, as females are more sought after for their egg laying abilities.Fertilized eggs are listed on the same source as ranging between $4.81 to $5.26 each.Along with egg and meat chickens, there is also a significant online market for duck, guinea fowl, and quail eggs and chicks.HoneyMany homesteaders keep bees, and depending on the size of your hives, they could end up producing a lot of honey.Honey can be very valuable at farmer’s markets, as many people like to add a jar of local honey to Christmas gifts or simply enjoy it themselves.Furthermore, many states have regulations around bottling and selling honey commercially, and you may be required to obtain a license.Looking into this before getting started can help you avoid a nasty fine.LocalHoneyFinder.org has a fantastic list of resources to find out the legal restrictions on selling homemade honey in your state.According to Keeping Backyard Bees, an online resource for beekeepers who sell honey locally, there is no standardized way to price your homemade honey.The price of honey depends not only on the market in the seller’s location, but also the flavor, quality, and quantity of the honey.The same resource strongly recommends providing discounts for bulk purchases to cut down on the cost of packaging the honey.Working from home is a perfectly legitimate way to make money and allows you to get some work done whenever you have time.Not only that, some of the career options described below can be extremely lucrative if you’re dedicated, patient, and maybe a little lucky.Freelancers come from all walks of life, and their professions are just as varied as the people who choose this career path.If you have an artistic bent, there are also contracts available for freelance illustrators or graphic designers.The biggest obstacle to freelancing as a source of income is breaking into the industry.Just like a regular hiring manager, a person looking to hire a freelancer will want some indication that you have experience and know what you’re doing.Therefore, it can take some time to get enough contracts to build up a portfolio.When applying for your first contracts, be sure to express what experience you do have, indicate your interest in the project, and offer a reasonable rate.Regardless of their field, most freelancers start by moonlighting in their chosen field while also working a day job, and move to freelancing full time once they’ve built up their portfolio.If you’re saving up to purchase your homestead, working as a freelancer on the side can be a great way to add some extra padding to your bank account.Arts and CraftsWhile building up a portfolio and clientele can take some time, your artistic talents can be a great way to supplement your income.Like freelancing, making money by selling your arts and crafts requires you to be your own manager.Depending on what you’re creating, you might decide to set up an online shop, or take commissions for custom work.Both of these paths have their own benefits and risks.As with freelancing, these careers take some time and a bit of luck to get off the ground, so it might take a while before you’re able to rely on selling your [work](https://gitee.com/uk_b6a6/sync/wikis/Nursery Management Systems) as a major source of income.Be sure to read over the terms and conditions to make sure you aren’t being taken advantage of.Given the wide range of products that fall within arts and crafts, it’s impossible to give a reasonable income estimate for this section.However, a cursory look at online marketplaces can give you an idea of how much you might make selling your particular type of craft, as well as how saturated the market is and what people are buying most frequently.Sharing Your SkillsThe advent of the internet has made it extraordinarily easy to learn new things.On the flip side, it also makes it easy to share your knowledge for a fee, allowing you to make money online while talking about something you love.Think about your skills and interests.There’s likely something you know that you could share with others for money.These usually take the form of a slide show with an accompanying video recording of the lesson.You can also set up a podcast or Youtube channel, in combination with a Patreon.Patreon allows fans of your content on another platform to donate to you on a monthly subscription basis, perhaps in exchange for benefits such as additional content or earlier access to new releases.Teachers of night classes are not necessarily people with degrees in education, but simply experts in a particular topic that is of value to other adults.They may be registered with a particular school or university, allowing them access to classrooms in which to hold lessons, or they may hold more informal sessions at a place where people interested in their field gather.Partnering with a larger organization in this way can help you find students and ensure that you have all your i’s dotted and t’s crossed to keep you out of any legal issues.In order to teach these classes in most areas, you need at least a bachelor’s degree.Additional certifications or graduate degrees may be required if you want to be hired by a government organization.Reach out to homesteading and hobby groups in your area to see if there’s interest and a path to do this.As always, double check the legalities before you start advertising.Some fields, such as cooking, require licenses to teach.Passive IncomeIf you own your property and have sufficient space, you could also make passive money by simply renting out space.Homesteaders with very large properties could rent a portion of their land to farmers or even other homesteaders.If your property is accessible enough, as well as very scenic, you could potentially host campers or group gatherings if you have the space and infrastructure required to accommodate them.Of course, this kind of income isn’t completely without associated labor.For example, if you host campers or events on site, you’ll be responsible for making sure the area is safe and free of dangerous debris.You’ll also have to advertise your property and find potential clients.The amount you can make from this varies wildly depending on what you’re renting out part of your property for, but a cursory glance at your local AirBnB and other online listings can indicate how much you’ll potentially make.● I can afford the annual property tax of my property, as well as any other recurring expenses, such as a mortgage, without going into debt.● I have enough income to cover at least $1,000 a month in expenses without relying on savings.● My income allows me to save for emergencies.● If any piece of equipment on my homestead breaks down, I can afford to replace it in a timely fashion.● If I have a job, the working hours are flexible enough to allow me to handle homesteading tasks such as harvesting and animal care.To avoid injuries, unexpected costs, and damage to your homestead’s infrastructure, being aware of the common problems faced by homesteaders and the ways to avoid them is of the utmost importance.Staying safe and healthy on your homestead doesn’t have to be complicated, but just like everything else, it does take a bit of planning.Safety and MedicineFirst Aid KitsHaving a first aid kit on site is essential, even if your homestead isn’t overly isolated.A first aid kit will give you a chance to help injured people until they can get to medical care.Clearly marking the first aid kit, perhaps with reflective tape, will make it easier to find during the chaos of an emergency.Items to Keep on HandIt’s wise to have a backup generator on site, but regardless if this is an option for you, having a plan for what to do if you lose access to power will help you keep calm and continue about your business in case of an emergency.Homesteaders should keep an alternative way of producing light in the dwelling, including at least one reliable flashlight or headlamp and backup batteries.Candles are a cheap and accessible way to produce light if the power goes out, but never leave them unattended!Solar powered lighting strips can be used to illuminate the path between the dwelling and outbuildings, such as barns and pit latrines, without relying on electricity.If you’re a homesteader or prospective homesteader, you probably already have a toolbox, but it’s worth mentioning the essentials just in case, especially for those starting out.

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