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Arc and Slice

Arc and Slice

Arc and Slice Issues

The place for users to track and post issues for Arc and Slice.

About Arc

Arc for TM1 is the ultimate modern developer tool for TM1 and Planning Analytics both on-premise and in the cloud.

  • Hierarchy aware, built for the future of TM1.
  • Multi-document tabbed interface.
  • Turbo Integrator debugging.
  • Syntax highlighting.
  • Auto-complete.
  • User-defined snippets.
  • User-defined plugins and pages.

About Slice

Slice is fast, easy to install, connected directly to the TM1 REST API, works over the internet, has built-in support for hierarchies, supports existing reports built-in Perspectives and formula mode in PA for Excel.

  • Familiar look and feel
  • Support all TM1 Excel functions (DBRW, DBS…)
  • Snapshot, Slice and Active Forms
  • Create slices and active forms with hierarchies
  • Cube Viewer & Subset Editor
  • Buttons, Drillthrough, Annotations & Sandboxes
  • Create Active Forms with dynamic columns
  • Paste range of values to DBR formulas
  • Trigger the DBS functions only when required
  • Remove TM1 functions from the sheet
  • Troubleshoot faster errors in your report with the cell audit feature.

Change Log

To view the release history and fixes go to the Change Log


To view more information about Arc and download the latest version, go to

How to submit a enhancement request or bug

  1. Click on the Issues tab at the top of this page.
  2. BEFORE submitting a new issue please search the current issues to see if it already exists.
  3. Click on New issue button.
  4. For the Title line enter either a description of the bug or a description of what you want added to Arc.
  5. For bugs the following details must be entered:
    • Version of Arc (get this from the Arc About/Info page)
    • Version of TM1 (get this from the Arc Configuration page under Administration)
    • Browser and version
    • Step by step details of how to replicate the issue
    • Provide as many screenshots as possible.
  6. Click on Submit new issue.